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Welcome to Video Glass!

Video Glass is a video sharing platform where everyone can share and upload their video content to others. However we don't tolerate any rule breakers and as such we will suspend your account if you are caught breaking the rules. You only get 3 chances otherwise your channel will be suspended.

Account Registration

You are allowed to register any account. However you cannot name your account anything that is either "racist", "anti-community", "meant to hurt others", and/or "doxxing through alias". You cannot register accounts just to cheat the viewer count and earnings. Doing so will forfeit all earnings made from the videos.

Uploading content

You may not upload content that contains "nudity/adult content unless the video is unlisted", "real life bestiality (results in a video ban)", "illegal drugs", "minors drinking alcohol", "doxxing someone", "ddos threats", "animal abuse", "Copyrighted music or full movie films." or "violence/graphical gore that can make someone digusted" as your video will be removed as a warning.

You may not upload videos that are the same content or looks like spam.


Respect the members of Video Glass when posting your comments. We don't tolerate threats towards others.